Our Guidance Package consists of;

This package starts with a complementary consultation where I will sit down with the bride and groom (if he's available), to learn more about you as individuals, as a couple, your style, and your story.

From here, I will offer you a list of all of my preferred vendors. When I secure a preferred vendor, it means I have secured a discount through most, that every one of my clients benefits from. 

We currently have preferred vendors in the following categories;

​    •    Baker
    •    DJ

    •    Floral Design
​    •    Linens & Rentals
    •    Photography

    •    Wedding Commissioner

I will assist you in securing each vendor, even if they aren't on my preferred vendor list, I will review contracts with you, can do initial meetings with vendors, and confirm the details of your wedding day with them.

With 30 days left leading up to your wedding date, you and I will work together to create a Wedding Day Timeline. 
This timeline will include;
​    •    The vendors time of arrival and location
    •    Time & Location of Bride and Groom throughout the day
​    •    ALL songs titles and artists you are using for your special dances
    •    This timeline is very in-depth and can include everything you feel should be included.

This Guidance Package also includes 2 hours of face to face meetings, unlimited phone and email communication and consultation.

Guidance Package