I've been married for just over 5 years now, we have one happy little girl and another on the way,  2 happy pups and one really happy kitty. 

I am frequently asked; "What made you decide to become a Wedding Planner?"

Becoming a wedding planner became a dream for me after I planned my own wedding. I loved every minute of it, right down to the last few stressful hours leading up to our wedding ceremony.

Rose J.

A shout out to a great coordinator. Thanks so much again Lindsay! Without Lindsay by our side, I don't think we would have been able to pull off the wedding of our dreams. She was awesome! Although we had hired her as our Day of Coordinator, Lindsay also helped with texts, emails and meetings to check in on how I was doing and offer her support and knowledge. It was great knowing that someone was there if I needed to bounce an idea off of them. As our Day of Coordinator, Lindsay really made things move along smoothly and always had things under control. She checked in with me throughout the night to make sure I was doing alright, which was exactly what I needed. We also hired Lindsay to do our cleanup at the end of the night and she rocked that too! I received an email the next day with a list of my stuff and where it had been placed. This helped us out so much! It was such a pleasure having Lindsay as a part of our special day and I'd recommend getting her on your vendor list asap.


Tammy H.

Lindsay, you made our day absolutely amazing. From the very first meeting to the end any worry I had you made vanish. Everything was done exactly as we wanted and more with your own flare added. I can't express how much we appreciated the calls/texts just to see how things were going, the updates on everything so I wasn't left wondering. JUST EVERYTHING, thank you so much! Anyone even considering getting a planner/decorator/day of coordinator I highly HIGHLY recommend getting Lindsay. She is amazing at what she does.‚Äč

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